Let me work for you. Free of charge.

So, I want to make one thing clear. In a few years I will be a billionaire. And not those fly by night Billionaires who are only considered Billionaires because their country has some shitty currency. I’m talking about a ‘nine-zeros’ USD net worth. No cap.

Finally, I just killed two birds with one stone. I wrote that premise, as an unfiltered truth to give you my overall intention for the way I move. Okay I want to be a Billionaire, so what? Well besides me being prophetic with my words and blatantly putting the law of attraction into motion, this idealised perception I have of myself has to be rooted something, right?

I realised that, career growth depends largely on the exchange of value. In the most basic sense, what I am inferring is that the business world is all about give and take. For example, you give your time to the company you’re working for and you take home a salary at the end of the month. Of course, being a person with Billionaire aspirations, I know for a fact that my “give-and-take” process will not be so benign. I have studied a lot of absurdly successful people to know one thing for sure; playing at the highest level of the business world, regardless of the industry, is cut-throat.

Today’s article will be very different and also very challenging for me. I realise that time is my most valuable asset. Literally, I have so much to do each day and very little time. This is why I have to kill two birds with one stone. The first bird is the blog post. The second bird is a marketing strategy proposal for Dr. Sugar Smiles.

Basically, what I want to do here is implement this lesson that I learnt: The best way to market your value is offer it, as a means to create the expectation for the standard of value you can bring.

This thought comes from New Yorker Entrepreneur; James Altucher. Now this man knows how to make millions. ‘Make’ being the operative word, because as much as James knows how to make money, he struggles to keep it. His story is very interesting, in the sense that throughout his life; he’s been a millionaire and then lost all his money (mostly due to reckless spending) not once, not twice, not three times but four freaking times. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is currently a self -made millionaire for the fifth time in his lifetime. I won’t get too deep with his life story, but you can hear it from the horse’s mouth on this podcast.

The reason I brought up Mr. Altucher- is because I learnt very valuable lessons from the man. I mean we all want to be rich and experience opulence but do ever really think about what it takes to remain rich? I guess that’s an afterthought, maybe an idea for another article, for another day — you know the whole “from rags to riches to rags again”.

Dr. Smiles, I hope I haven’t lost you yet my brother. As much as this is my blog article it is also still meant to serve as a proposal for your brand.

So back to the nugget. The one lesson I learnt from hearing James speak on the podcast is the fact that when he was down on his luck, broke and unemployed he started blogging. He had good ideas, as we all usually do, but his intentions were different. At one point he went approached bigger, more well-established blog-sites and just gave them fantastic ideas for content. He was like, hey…I really like your blog and I happen to blog myself. Here are 10 headline topics that I think would really be cool for you to explore. This resulted in him being asked to write those blogs and thereafter actually being kept on retainer as the freelance writer for said blogs. After a few years, and him not having enough time to write around 20 blog articles a day, he hired some people to do the writing for him. One of his many businesses consists of people he hired to write blog articles for the big blogs he has on retainer.

Anyway, we have reached our point of inflection. I just spoke to my creative director and she reckons I might be skating on thin ice with my approach. You know I want to offer value to you Dr. Smiles. I believe the fact that you’re a young South African with the level gumption to build your own brand and foresight to make “grills” your product is something that resonates with my billionaire ambitions. Initially I wanted to make this blogpost an unconventional pitch for how much value I can bring to your brand. You know the whole “let me work for you” motion of things. I am passionate about branding and marketing and I saw the fact that business is still in developmental stages, as an opportunity to get my hands dirty and help you make the most of it. I had ideas about, going beyond grills venturing into the online space. In essence, you would have a website where you sell custom-merchandise for urban artists. The whole “one stop-shop” for all your custom swag needs. Yes, thankfully Tessa alerted me to the possibility that this might make me come across as a know-it-all who’s pretentious about his stature as a marketing genius. The truth is all, I was advised that me imparting brand marketing ideas is a pure intention but doing it on a blog-post is kind of a disservice to all parties involved.

As we reflect, I need to be upfront and say yes. Yes, you’re right you basically did read all of this for nothing but I would like you to at-least take a moment and celebrate with me because I at-least did kill one bird with this stone (in this case; stone is a metaphoric reference to my time).

At the other end of this rainbow, is the fact that I gave you some context about why I missed our meeting yesterday. I am at a learning curve with regard to time-management but my shameless-promotion endeavours are shaping up to be the ultimate life-lesson of not making everything about me and using myself as a channel/medium for the empowerment of people like you. People that I believe to be the Billionaires of the future.

To end things off on a lighter note, Tessa (my creative director) says she would to purchase grills from you, so I guess this process was not all in vein after all.

Kind Regards. Mfundo

As for the rest of my readers, I suppose if you want to be cool like me, you should definitely get grills. Pretty soon, you’ll see me looking swaggy with my pair if you follow me on all socials @Prolific_Miz




Eccentric Wordsmith & proponent of creative excellence | Copywriter

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Mfundo Mthethwa

Mfundo Mthethwa

Eccentric Wordsmith & proponent of creative excellence | Copywriter

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